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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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a fast-moving fire has erupted in the north bay. structures are threatened tonight as people in the area pick up and get out of the way. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the fire is burning north of santa rosa between highway 101 and interstate 5 in the town of lower lake. >> evacuations are under way as this fast-moving fire rapidly moves toward homes. sky 7 hd was overhead this evening. you're looking at that video here. at least one structure has
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burned. the fire started around 3:30 this afternoon. quickly devoured 150 acres. it's now 1,000 acres and is zero percent contained. >> it spread so fast. new video just in. here you can see a structure in flames. cal fire says the fire is spreading rapidly in heavy brush and timber and of course it's bone dry. getting to it is difficult. cal fire has called in more resources to help. an evacuation center has been opened in lower lake. the rag fire in napa and solano counties continues to threaten more than 100 homes. nearly 150 acres reignited, forcing evacuations. the fire has now burned almost 7,100 acres. it's 80% contained. there are more than 6,000 firefighters battling ten active wildfires in california. well, of course this hot weather is not helping the firefighting effort at all. >> no. abc 7 was in the south bay where temperatures were so hot alomar park was shut down because of
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concerns about the fire danger. >> in alameda county people hit the beach. having a lot of fun in the sun while trying to stay cool. >> and taking a look outside, a live look that looks so nice. you can see fog as you look west from the east bay hills. >> kind of makes you cooler just looking at -- abc 7 news meteorologist drew touma is here with a look at the temperatures. >> that's a gorgeous sight if you're an fan of the heat. unfortunately when we get this hot this time of the year it does elevate that fire risk. current conditions. the temperature dropping. as that sun goes down we're currently at 88 degrees. the relative humidity is slowly on the rise just at 16% and the winds right now west at 8 gusting to 14 miles per hour. the big story today the heat. 108 in antioch 10:003 in concord, 104 in fairfield. livermore just one degree shy tying the record of 108, coming in at 107. but around the bay we started to see some changes. only 70 in san francisco, 76 oakland. and that cooler push of air will
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gradually work itself across the entire bay area. we'll talk about the cooling weather we have on our way with our full accuweather seven-day forecast when i see you in just a few minutes. ama? >> all right, drew thank you. you can see just how hot it is going to get where you live with abc 7 weather app for your smartphone. free on apple's app store or google play. also more information on abc 7 a 15-year-old will be charged as an adult in the kidnap and murder of 8-year-old. 15-year-old jerry gonzalez lured the 8-year-old to his apartment before killing her. >> reporter: a small coastal community is heartbroken over the loss of one of their own. >> we're like one big family and for this to be what it is just devastating. it's a family. >> reporter: 15-year-old adrian jerry gonzalez also known as a.j., has been formally charged in the murder of his neighbor, 8-year-old maddy middleton. police say maddy knew and trusted a.j. which is why she
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followed him back to his family's apartment at the tannery where she was killed. >> we're trying to preserve the right to a fair trial which is our ethical obligations. the details and the facts and circumstances of the case will come out in court. >> reporter: detectives found maddy's body in a recycling bin after reviewing surveillance video showing the teen making several trips down to the area. this video posted to instagram the day of maddy's disappearance shows a.j. playing the song "mad world" on the piano and in it the lyrics "the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had." satoro garcia lives at the tannery and is close to both of the families. >> when he kimcame back i was like how come nobody's doing anything, how come nobody's calling 911? and we found her. it was like -- i think we know why. >> reporter: neighbors called a.j. a quiet kid who mainly kept to himself. he's been charged with one count of murder as well as special
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circumstances involving kidnapping and sexual assault. he's also accused of lying in wait. >> we have charged this individual as an aadult with the crimes for which he is responsible. we're going to bring him to justice and at this point there's no plea deal on anything. >> reporter: because a.j.'s a juvenile the death penalty is off the table however, he does face life in prison if convicted. if santa cruz chris nguyen abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news viewers are leaving condolences for maddy's family and loved ones on abc 7 news's facebook page. you can share a remembrance at the san jose police department is asking for your help in a strange murder case. 61-year-old don winn was shot to death just after 5:30 friday night. police released this picture of him today. swin a winn is a vietnam veteran and he was simply walking home when he was struck by a bullet. sky 7 hd was over the scene as police were investigating this shooting. several people heard the gunshot but police have not been able to
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identify any suspects. hundreds of people are expected to pay their respects tomorrow to fallen heyward sergeant scott longer at a public memorial at oracle arena in oakland. heyward's police chief spoke at the memorial today. >> the question a lot of people are asking is how is the heyward police department doing? we're doing. we're staying incredibly busy putting together the most epic honorable celebration of life tomorrow for sergeant scott longer. >> the alameda county sheriff's department and chp will take over duties in heyward so the police department can attend the funeral. a look at how the community is showing its support. >> reporter: before sergeant scott lunger's brothers in blue lace up their boots to say good-bye to them fourth generation are making sure these boots shine. >> they're all veterans and you can see in their face it's sad.
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>> reporter: sergeant scott lunger was once a customer here. >> he was a staple in the community with helping everybody out. >> reporter: while he greets officers in mourning, his son kenneth and other employees work behind the scenes. >> i think they put a little more love into it. >> it was surprising because it was so close. a couple miles away from our store. >> reporter: the news hit hard. >> the officers who come in here are friends. >> reporter: sergeant scott lunger's funeral procession will pass by the cobblers. >> it's pretty powerful. especially close to home. >> reporter: with heavy hearts and boots shining. >> that's our foundation. >> reporter: in hayward melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> hundreds of police officers from across the state are expected in oakland tomorrow for the funeral. police officer sergeant scott lunger. governor jerry brown will attend tomorrow's memorial. sergeant lunger is being remembered for his love of baseball. tony jackson says sergeant lunger would get off of his
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overnight shift and sleep in his car to play ball later in the morning. jackson carries sergeant lunger close to his heart. >> each morning i tap my -- hey, how are you doing? he'll still be with us no matter where you're at, on the field, off the field. >> a lot of tributes are being paid to sergeant lunger. these are just a few pictures shared with abc 7 news by his teammates. >> now, if you'd like to pay your respects to sergeant lunger but maybe can't attend the memorial tomorrow, we invite you to join us for live coverage right here or over on abc 7, i should say. if you're at work or away from a television you can still watch the service on the east bay procession begins at 8:45. the memorial service at oracle arena is scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. we will also be posting some of the most poignant moments on our abc 7 news bay area twitter feed and an 84-year-old woman killed her husband this morning after accidentally hitting the gas pedal in her car instead of the
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brake. it happened in martinez. abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez has the details. >> reporter: from sky 7 hd you can see where the toyota corolla ended up after breaking through a wall in the garage. according to chp investigators, 84-year-old yvonne cottrell was trying to reposition the car while her husband was giving her instructions. >> what she is clamting is that she accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. >> reporter: because the husband, 89-year-old glen cottrell, was in front of the car, he was run over and pinned beneath the toyota. the car went through the back wall of the garage and into the back yard, stopping in front of a pile of pipes and scrap metal. >> certainly, drugs, alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this related investigation. but our condolences, we certainly feel for the family. >> reporter: the husband was alive and talking in the
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ambulance but later died at john muir medical center. she was not physically hurt. in martinez, leanne melendez abc 7 news. alameda county says it wants to sell its interest in the oakland coliseum to oakland. county supervisor nate mylie says it would streamline the negotiations to keep the raiders in oakland and allow the county to use the money to pay down debt. he says the county loses money on the coliseum every year while the city has been able to generate money to offset the cost. much more ahead for you this wednesday night on the news at 9:00. coming up, troubling new video of a police takedown in san francisco. you're going to hear from the man in the video and what police are saying about it tonight. also the oil slick mystery off the southern california coast in an area already hit hard by an oil spill. and how big a brake are we going to get from the heat?
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there's new video coming to light tonight. a san francisco man claims he was the victim of excessive force when he was slammed to the ground by police during last month's pride celebration. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has
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the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: saturday june 27th. protesters and police tangled outside the old lexington club in the mission just after the dice march. tony winn was walking out of a pizza parlor about the same time. >> i decided to just go outside and get fresh air to breathe. >> reporter: this is what winn saw. officers on top of a screaming woman trying to restrain her. as the cell phone video shows winn walked closer. a police supervisor was nearby. >> i said hey you're using excessive force, that's really unnecessary. and he tried to like slam me down to the police car. like i've seen a bunch of other cops joining up like trying to take me down to the ground. the whole time i was telling him i'm not resisting arrest. like i'm willing to comply. anything you request me to do. you know? >> reporter: officers cuffed winn and took him to a waiting police car. he says he asked one of them. >> why am i being arrested? what am i being charged with?
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and he told me like yeah i have no rights. >> reporter: he was booked on charges of resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. >> were you assaulting a police officer? >> no. i didn't lay a finger on him. >> the video speaks for itself. >> reporter: winn's attorney kate chatzky. >> he came out and saw a woman being hurt and he you know, acted as best he could in a non-violent way to just address this. >> reporter: prosecutors told abc 7 news they decided not to charge him. but he wants to pursue his complaint of excessive force regardless. this was his first encounter with police and he feels as if all his rights were violated when he tried to dot right thing. vic lee, abc 7 news. targeted yet again. less than a day after replacing a smashed glass door a san jose market is once again cleaning up broken glass. this is the seventh time someone has broken into the market at north park in the past two months. this time vandalizing a glass
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refrigerator door. and abc 7 news viewer sent us this surveillance video. the store's owner says thieves steal about $1,000 in cigarettes each time. he says he's frustrated that police aren't doing more to stop it. so far no comment from police. to southern california now where the coast guard tonight determined a large oil slick that mysteriously appeared at a popular beach came from a natural seep. it happened today about 1,000 yards off the santa barbara coast city of goleta. initially officials were stumped about the source of the oil but discovered the cause during a coast guard flyover. a marine safety team is now trying to determine the exact source including whether it was from a well-known natural seepage in the santa barbara channel. >> strange. well as you heard drew talk about a few minutes ago, 108 degrees in the east bay today. that's brutal. >> scorcher. he's here with the latest. >> and we're going to see gradual cooldown. especially in the next couple of days. he with reached the peak today. cooler winds kicking in tonight
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with some low clouds and fog. live doppler 7 hd showing you it's a quiet scene out there on this wednesday evening. we will take you outside earlier this afternoon. we saw the changes especially right around the coast and immediately around the bay. we had the onshore flow kick in brought the low clouds little bit of fog throughout the afternoon, helped to keep temperatures on the more comfortable side. and this air slowly will work its way inland over the next day into friday as well. live look outside. sfo showing you just a few low clouds. fetchwise 61 in san francisco, oakland 63, 68 in mountain view. san jose 70 degrees. 66 in morgan hill. and 62 currently in half moon bay. the sun went down shortly after 8:20 p.m. mainly clear skies from our east bay camera. 62 in santa rosa, napa currently 67. 64 in novato. fairfield currently 75. concord 80. and livermore right now 79 degrees. the exploratorium camera showing you the financial district of downtown san francisco.
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the skyscrapers cut in half. those low clouds cooler temperatures. the fog is moving in overnight. right along the coast. this air mass is going to help to ease the heat tomorrow but then the humidity will be on the rise for friday. live doppler 7 hd along with satellite showing you the big picture. that hot air mass is over us right now. it's slowly going to move to the east tomorrow. we are going to watch moisture into southern california. some of this is going to try to creep its way north over the next 24 hours. so we start future weather off at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. into friday the humidity will increase. you'll notice a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. perhaps, though, friday afternoon with all that increased moisture in our atmosphere could see an isolated shower. anything will not be widespread unfortunately. and even into saturday that humidity will stick with us. overnight tonight it will be a mild night. we'll call it partly cloudy except along the coast where we have the low clouds and fog. mid 50s to 60s across the bay area tonight. then for tomorrow for your highs thursday starting in the south bay we'll see a high thin veil of cloud cover in the afternoon.
9:19 pm
so 89 for san jose. mainly sunny there. 88 santa clara. 87 sunnyvale. 86 in milpitas. along the peninsula 80 san mateo, 85 palo alto 88 in los altos. 70 in downtown san francisco with afternoon sunshine. 64 daly city. into the north bay. 87 santa rosa 90 calistoga. 88 in napa 84 petaluma. high of 83 in san rafael. into the east bay. oakland tomorrow 77 degrees, 84 castro valley 86 fremont. we'll go to 76 in richmond. and inland we'll drop back from the triple digits into the 90s. so slowly seeing that cooler air work in. 96 tomorrow in pittsburgh. 98 antioch. 92 san ramon. up to 95 in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you not as hot tomorrow. the humidity will be on the ride friday. we'll be on the lookout for any isolated showers popping up by saturday and sunday. back to near average under partly cloudy skies and we're holding steady through much of next week. no intense heat right now in the forecast after this previous spell. all right? >> thank you, drew.
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well, still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, apple's plan to let the public visit its new spaceship campus, this thing. and forget that new car smell. more americans than ever now have older cars. what's leading drivers to add on those miles. the abc 7 weather app. neighborhood weather from fog in buster city to sunshh
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on google maps. the feature will allow you to see a business's popular times for each day of the week. here's how it works. when you search for a place and click on more options use a dropdown menu to scope out the busiest times on different days of the week so you can plan ahead. the tech giant says it's helping people avoid lines and avoid rush hours. well bay area tech stocks are going up. and down. twitter's stock tanked today at its lowest level in over a year. it fell more than 14% after the san francisco company revealed yesterday that it is not satisfied with its user growth. yelp took it on the chin today after disappointing investors with an unexpected earnings loss. the stock plummeted 8/2 points. that's a 25% drop. facebook,
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though was up $1.77 a share. the company cleaned up on mobile advertising, earning $4 billion. when apple opens its new cupertino spaceship campus, it will include a visitors' center. the silicon valley business journal found the plans buried in city documents. the visitors' center will include a viewing platform and what will be cupertino's first apple store. apple says it will give visitors an opportunity to see the main building from a rooftop observation deck. the new apple campus is scheduled for completion by the end of next year. stay right here. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. as we continue a possible clue in the disappearance of malaysia flight 370. and the growing anger after
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we may finally have a clue in the mystery of what happened to malaysia flight 370. the jet vanished more than a year ago. today a piece of plane washed ashore out of the indian ocean. abc news reporter nicky batiste has more. >> reporter: these images off the east coast of africa show crews examining what could be part of an aircraft potentially malaysia airlines flight 370, the plane that mysteriously disappeared early last year. one source close to the investigation says this piece does appear to be from a boeing 777, the same model as flight mh370. >> we will be able to look at it, see is there anything like an explosion mark, anything that might tell us why this airplane ca down? >> reporter: close-up photos show barn ack lds, a sign the piece has been in the water a long time, slowly drifting across the indian ocean. the associated press reports it appears to be a flap from the trailing edge of a wing, which is specific to the 777.
9:29 pm
those flaps are movable and used during landing and takeoff. >> we've been above the search area now for about two hours. >> reporter: in 2014 abc news flew with a search and rescue team off the coast of perth, australia, looking for wreckage from mh370 flying as low as 200 feet above the ocean's surface. now 17 months later this debris could be the first physical evidence of the jetliner that went missing with 239 souls on board. >> i think that finding this is going to give new hope to the people who are spending a good part of their lives looking for this airplane and trying to solve this mystery. >> reporter: investigators will now search this plane part for a serial number that could be traced back to missing flight mh370. tonight, the victims' families hoping to finally have some closure. nicky batiste, abc news, new york. let's move next to the growing outrage over the killing of a beloved lion that was reportedly lured wildlife sanctuary and then shot by an american dentist. tonight his office in minnesota has become a shrine to that
9:30 pm
lion. here's abc news reporter david wright. >> reporter: tonight the minnesota dentist who played $55,000 to kill this majestic lion is still in hiding protesters gathering outside his practice. dr. walter palmer says he deeply regrets killing this lion sending his patients a letter noting "i don't often talk about hunting with my patients because it can be a divisive and emotionally charged topic." in zimbabwe today his two african guides had a court appearance on poaching charges. each of them could face ten years in prison. on twitter bipartisan outrage. and last night jimmy kimmel choked up, urging his viewers to support the oxford researchers who've been studying cecil and his pride. >> if you want to make this into a positive you can -- sorry. >> reporter: today those researchers said the response is huge. >> my telephone and e-mail has been absolutely red hot. >> reporter: a worldwide
9:31 pm
outpouring for this lion. david wright, abc news new york. former secretary of state hillary clinton has agreed to testify before the house committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attack. the committee made the announcement late today saying it will take place october 22nd. it sets the stage for a surefire media spectacle involving the front-runner for the democratic presidential nomination being grilled by antagonistic republican lawmakers. the committee is expected to question clinton about benghazi and her e-mail account that was housed on a private server. meantime university of california president janet napolitano testified on capitol hill today. she is talking with lawmakers about sexual assaults on college campuses. napolitano says training to deter assaults should begin on the first day of school. >> every person every freshman reporting this fall will receive the same training throughout the system, and that training will then include all other students
9:32 pm
faculty, and staff. >> a senate committee is working on legislation designed to provide resources to victims, student victims of sex crimes. abc 7 news has learned melinda hague, the u.s. attorney for northern californiaing is stepping down. she's served as u.s. attorney since 2010. that's when she was nominated by president obama and confirmed by the senate. hague's term expires in november of next year. in sunnyvale today a big loud test took place for one of nasa's projects of the future. >> one zero. >> lockheed martin engineers used a small explosive charge to see how a panel separates from the orion spacecraft moments after lift-off. >> as you saw here today it was successful. we'll go back, look at the data, see how it really performed. separation is very important.
9:33 pm
without separation the full panels for the service module will not be able to deploy. >> this video from lockheed martin shows the orion in other tests. the spacecraft will play a major role in nasa's plans to safely transport astronauts to and from places like the moon and mars. a new report is shedding light on the cars americans are now driving. an automotive survey says the typical car in the u.s. is 11 1/2 years old. that's a new record. experts say improvements in vehicle quality have made cars more reliable, so consumers are less likely to scrap them when they buy a new one. despite this americans are buying cars at a high rate, an average of more than 17 million vehicles a year since the end of the recession. >> there's that new car smell. it's hard to resist. next on abc 7 news at 9:00 the california kid with a big goal. >> find out why he's about t
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if you plan on crossing the bay this weekend, you won't be able to ride b.a.r.t. between san francisco and oakland. that's because b.a.r.t. trains will not run through the transbay tube on saturday or sunday. crews are performing major track
9:37 pm
repairs that require b.a.r.t. to shut down the tube. shuttle buses will connect to the embarcadero station in san francisco with the 19th street station in downtown oakland. full b.a.r.t. service will resume monday morning. a southern california boy is going to attempt to break the world record climbing mount everest. 11-year-old tyler armstrong already has several records under his name. but for tyler there's a bigger mission here. abc news reporter brandy hitt has the story. >> he scaled some of the tallest mountains in the world. now 11-year-old tyler armstrong is ready to shatter the record at mount everest, all in the name of finding a cure for duchesne, a crippling muscle disease that affects 300,000 boys worldwide. including tyler's friend, hawkin. >> they inspire me because when i'm on the mountain i remember them and then i keep going. it helps me keep going. >> i think he's mature beyond his age.
9:38 pm
compassion. and you don't see that out of many 11-year-olds. >> reporter: at just 7 tyler became the youngest to climb mount whitney. at 8 the second youngest on kilimanjaro. and he set a new record on mount akinkagwua in 2013. that's when we last went hiking with him. >> the most difficult part's going to be reaching the top. >> reporter: if tyler summits everest next spring at 12 he'll beat the current record held by a 13-year-old. the feat also dangerous. in april more than a dozen climbers died in an earthquake-caused avalanche. a film out in september is also based on a disastrous climb in 1996. tyler's father says safety is number one. he'll first train on russia's mount elvere before attempting everest. >> he's dedicated to climbing. he's dedicated to his friends with duchesne. i think he's going to complete it. >> brandy hitt abc news los angeles.
9:39 pm
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of all the video game characters, there may be none quite as famous as mario. and it may be hard to believe this, but this year mario is turning 30, and that means he's older than the world wide web itself. but as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, that did not stop him from throwing a party at one of the web's biggest companies. >> reporter: he may be a super mario expert, but he's never played this level before. >> oh gosh. oh, no. >> reporter: that's because until about an hour ago this level didn't exist. >> whoa. >> reporter: despite those 8-bit sound effects, this is not super mario brothers 3. >> a new game in the series maker that allows players to actually create their own mario stages for the first time ever. >> reporter: and where better to test it before its release than the headquarters of facebook? >> we can bring mario over here. great. yes. >> reporter: facebook has long been known for its hack-a-thons. but this is a programming contest of a different sort. >> what enemies do you want them to defeat?
9:43 pm
what bricks do you want them to hit? those are all new questions for them. >> we can have like a bad guy walking around there. >> reporter: using the touchscreen on nintendo's wii-u controller they place the bricks, turtles coins and mushrooms in a way they only dreamed of. >> growing up you had your dream jobs, it's like oh, i want to make mario. >> reporter: more than any other hack-a-thon this one comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia. for a lot of folks who work here at facebook mario was practically a childhood best friend. as the super plumber celebrates his 30th birthday who can help but think of a time when they were smaller? >> certain things are more like oh, i remember that airship that looks awesome. the music is all the same too, which triggers a lot of memories. >> reporter: but like any game the contestants in the hack-a-thon are playing to win. >> the winning stage that team is going to have a chance to upload their own stage to represent all of facebook. so that's going to be available for everybody who has super mario maker to play when the game comes out. >> reporter: nintendo's releasing it on wii-u in september. but stha sign of things to come? >> when we look for games
9:44 pm
companies to partner with, we're looking for really the best of the best and it doesn't get much better than nintendo. >> reporter: in menlo park, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. rockers and bike riders who venture out to the bay bridge trail will find a lot more green. caltrans planted drought-tolerant landscaping along the path. the water used is recycled. it comes from the new caltrans building near the toll plaza. the building combines six bridge maintenance facilities into one. it has skylights and motion sensors to cut down on energy use. all right. one last check on the weather and the cooling temperatures. >> oh, a lot of people are looking forward to this. meteorologist drew tuma has the latest. hi, drew. >> a lot of people excited to finally get rid of this intense heat. live doppler 7 hd we'll show you right now it's a quiet picture. current temperaturewise we're still warm in some locations. fairfield. 81 in antioch. 79 in livermore. right around the immediate bay. we're generally in the mid to low 60s at this hour. the wider picture tomorrow is a pretty quiet scene across much
9:45 pm
of the lower 48. the only exception right along the east coast we're tracking this cold front that will likely bring some showers. storms to washington, d.c., even philadelphia, new york. they're hot and humid in the upper 80s to mid 90s. behind that front more comfortable air. even around four corners monsoonal moisture into arizona 105 in phoenix with thundershowers possible. closer to home in california you do notice in southern california lots of clouds, perhaps thourmz in l.a. even palm springs, 104, 77 in san diego. in northern california warm or slowly cooling off compared to today. increased cloud cover very likely. 101 in sacramento. into the bay area tomorrow. you will notice the humidity will start to increase just a bit. you'll see that visually in the form of some high clouds developing. 77 in oakland, 70 in san francisco, 89 san jose, 85 vallejo and napa 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. accuweather seven-day forecast not as hot tomorrow. humidity rises friday and the weekend looking nice. we see sunny skies and
9:46 pm
temperatures getting back down to normal. >> nice. >> sounds great. thank you so much drew. well, san francisco may get a second crack at hosting the 2024 olympics. mayor ed lee told abc 7 news this morning that his staff has had preliminary internal talks about hosting the games. boston has been selected as the u.s. host city but pulled out because of the cost concerns. giants ceo larry baer has been involved in past olympic efforts and says the organizers would look into the possibility if the opportunity were to arise. >> we're open to discussions but we're not necessarily pursuing the same thing we did before. everything has changed. but we're open to discussions with people about what might work. >> mayor lee, who signed the city budget today, says he is more focused on a warriors arena and a housing bond. the u.s. olympic committee wants the bid ready by mid-september. so close, yet so far away. a bay area man just abandoned his effort to become the first
9:47 pm
person to swim from the golden gate bridge to the farallon 7 news was there in belvedere right before simon dominguez jumped into the water late last night. dominguez gave up his effort after a shark was spotted in the frigid waters near the farrelons. he once swam the english channel and admitted this was a bigger challenge. >> i'll bet. at least he's safe. we wished him well. would have been cool if he finished but he's out of the water safely. he'll try again. >> i'm sure. larry. >> what are you going to do larry? >> i'm not going anywhere where the shark is. i'll tell you that. it's the smart swimmer that gets to come back the next day. >> good point. >> there's some exciting stuff happening tonight, actually. we might be in the middle of a transition here. the giants could have sole possession of first place if the a's beat the dodgers tonight. and brett lawrie is having
9:48 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a funeral for a fallen hero. large crowds expected tomorrow for sergeant scott lunger's memorial. the big name dignitaries who also plan to attend. plus it's a wiggle war. why bike riders are following the rules to show why they shouldn't. >> we'll explain those stories and a lot more coming up at
9:51 pm
11:00 over on channel 7. >> this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> giants to talk about. >> larry's here with all the sports. >> this is a baseball wiggle war. the giants are trying to wiggle their way past the dodgers. >> so far so good. >> with some help from the a's. it's complicated. for all the talk about the giants needing another pitcher in their starting rotation, jake peavy went out and threw six scoreless against milwaukee this afternoon. at this second the giants are still tied for first place. that could change. kids, load it up. sleeping bags. the annual slumber party. this is what i'd be like. i'd be the guy, can you pull me? i'm kind of tired. i had too much ice cream. jake peavy gets the ball from hunter pence who's doing it all since he came back from the disabled list. don't test hunter pence's arm. he's out. sixth inning two on for ryan braun. swing and a miss. jake peavy six scoreless.
9:52 pm
would get a no decision because nobody could score until the seventh when pence, with a drive here to left center matt duffy trying to score all the way from first. he'll have a play at the plate. relay and he is safe. pence two hits on the day 1-0 giants. five runs in the seventh. adrianza called up not too long ago. here comes hector sanchez. throw gets away and sanchez is safe. giants take two out of three from the brewers. 5-0. 14th shutout of the year for the giants. tie the dodgers atop the nl west. both teams at 56-45 pending the outcome of the dodger game tonight. here's jake peavy right after the game. >> i look to today as really a must-win. i put that on myself. last night watching from in bed getting my rest at the end of the ball game i had that feeling that you just said that it was too good of a road trip and a homestand to end it on a sour note. especially with what we've got ahead of us going to texas, atlanta, and chicago.
9:53 pm
a's and dodgers on yasiel puig bobblehead night at chavez ravine. here it comes. there it goes. puig with a two-run shot to left off of jesse chavez. only his seventh of the year. l.a. up 3-1. a's get a run back in the fifth. brett lawrie not fooled by the mike bolsinger curveball. doubles to right center scoring ike davis. and the a's are down 3-2. remember kershaw was supposed to start, so he's out with a bad hip. he missed this game. more from lawrie in the seventh. different pitcher same result two-run single to left off j.p. howe. burns scores phegley scores. lawrie three hits and three rbis. make it a 4-3 game. erik sogard then would follow with a two-run single. so right now a's lead -- it was 6-3. now it's 6-5. dodgers have come back in the seventh. if the a's can hold on, the giants would be alone atop the a.l. west. the dodgers are reportedly adding to their rotation working on a deal to acquire pitcher mat latos and ex-giant michael morse from the marlins in exchange for three minor league pitchers.
9:54 pm
latos, 4-7 record but he's pitched well since coming back from the disabled list, has had success in the past against the giants. this deal is not official yet. it's not done. it could turn out to be a three-way transaction with atlanta. the nba champion golden state warriors deciding to promote from within, replacing alvin gentry with assistant luke walton who was on the staff this past year. gentry left to take over as the head coach of the new orleans pell coops. walton, you may remember his playing days, many years with the lakers, ten he overall with the nba, two championships as a player. working his way up the coaching ladder he's the son of a hall of famer, bill walton moving up to lead assistant, and jaron collins, a stanford man, who served this past year was a player development coach, moves into walton's spot on the bench. sounds like patriots owner bob kraft was among those who figured the tom brady suspension would be reduced if the team just accepted their punishment and went quietly on deflategate and they did not go to court to contest it. now he regrets that move.
9:55 pm
kraft was livid today with commissioner roger goodell upholding brady's four-game suspension and kraft apologized to pats fans for not continuing his own fight. >> the decision handed down by the league yesterday is unfathomable to me. i want to apologize to the fans of the new england patriots and tom brady. i was wrong to put my faith in the league. >> see how that plays out. the players union is appealing on brady's behalf. college football season's almost here. today pac-12 coaches were visiting espn. stanford not expected to be a top ten team this year but david shaw thinks his squad is going to surprise some people while cal's sonny dikes wants to improve on a 5-7 record from a year ago and the coaches both talked about their quarterbacks, kevin hogan and jerry goth. >> he's continued to mature. he's gotten more comfortable with the offense. does a good spreading the ball around. the next step is going to get
9:56 pm
his completion percentage up, we'd like him to be in the high 60s, low 70s. >> is he one of the best quarterbacks you've ever coached? >> i think so. i think he certainly has an opportunity to be. he's everything you want. he's a great leader. he's a hard worker. he's a team guy. very unselfish. but i think he played with an energy and enthusiasm that was infectious to the football team. and that's all we ever need from kevin. he plays the way he plays at the end of the year his future's bright and our future's bright. >> david shaw is pretty optimistic about kevin hogan this season. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. couple of updates. just in the amount of time i was talking. the dodgers have taken the lead. they just scored another two runs. they lead 7-6 against the a's. and so that would put the giants back a half a game. if the dodgers can hold on. and congratulations. david lee. he took the entire warriors team out, paid for their vegas trip when they celebrated the championship. today he bought all of the warriors in-house staff, all of the secretaries and the people in the offices, took everybody out for lunch, chipotle for everybody. courtesy of david lee.
9:57 pm
that's so classy. >> you should learn. >> i was going to say when is dan going to take somebody out at channel 7. >> we went last week. you didn't hear. >> you need to check your e-mail, larry. >> i was not invited. >> thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for drew tuma, larry diel, always invited we proosh yourappreciate your time.
9:58 pm
okay, for this years group trip we agreed to play a game where the winner would choose the destination. unfortunately, we did not think it through when we chose the game... cul-de-sac crew trivia. [ chuckles ] i smoked you guys! but a deal's a deal. tom, you pick the destination, and we leave tomorrow. where we going, tom? here. what?
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